Overview: Trampoline and Tumbling is a gymnastics discipline that was founded in 1936 and includes four events: Individual Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, Power Tumbling, and Synchronized Trampoline. In 2000, Individual Trampoline debuted as an Olympic Sport in Sydney, Australia. The NAIGC has begun to incorporate the events of this growing discipline by offering sanctions to Trampoline and Tumbling competitions that follow the NAIGC rules detailed below. However, these events will not be offered at NAIGC National Championships in 2018.

Rules: NAIGC Trampoline and Tumbling will currently be offering Individual Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline (DMT), and Power Tumbling. Synchronized Trampoline will not be offered at this time. The judging of these events will follow USAG JO Code of Points 2015-2016 (see below), but will be broken down into the two levels and respective requirements listed below.